ღஐღ SHESGOTMOXY ღஐღ (shesgotmoxy) wrote in capricornarama,

Cap + Gem

Im a 20 year old Capricorn female and Ive had 2 serious relationships in my life (the first one being 4 years..the 2nd one about a year) - both were with Scorpios...believed to be one of the best sign matches. I found truth in this seeing how of all the guys I dated, the longest relationships ended up with that sign --- but at the same time, both failed miserably.. I have been led to believe that Scorpios are too secretive, too explosive and unpredictable and play too much head games.

That being said, I have just begun a wonderful new relationship with a Gemini. At first I was skeptical and not thrilled to learn his sign - because of all the bad rap they get for being 2-sided and very non-committal...however, everything has been going PERFECTLY (weve been dating a little over a month, but have known eachother for about 4 years). He was in a very serious relationship with his ex of 3 years (they were ENGAGED!!) she was a Cancer...and according to him, im her OPPOSITE.. (interesting..because goats and crabs are polar opposites) --and he gets along with me amazingly...and her, not so much. I have never had a more perfect connection with anyone on ALL levels - we get along great, and are already very much in love (which isnt usual for me..). He seems eager to commit to me, and shows no signs of a 2nd personality so far. I know its in the early stages and too soon to tell, but I must say so far my experience with a Gemini is pleasantly surprising. Especially compared to the Scorpios.

Has anyone else had any experience with dating a Gemini before? Was it positive or negative? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated :)
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