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fascinating conversation starter or generic procrastination technique?

So, just out of curiosity (and because I am a huge procrastinator), I would like to know what signs my fellow Capricorns are dating. It might be interesting.

Then again, it might not. But everyone likes talking about their significant other, no?

*raises hand* Me first. I've got a Taurus, which is supposed to be the perfect match for Cap. Or something like that. Anyway, we are both typical uber-ambitious earth signs, though he acts like more of one than I do because he keeps me sane and grounded when I am being uncharacteristically irrational. We have not been together terribly long (six-ish months) but we have had a wonderful time of it. And we both have a similar intensity to our speech and actions.

Okay, your turn.
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Ok, mine gets more copmplicated. Currently, I am seeing a Taurus who is not only grounded and ambitious in a provider sort of way, but is also territorial and slightly possesive. Not sure how that will work out with my independent nature. Will have to see waht develops.
My roommate and ex-boyfriend is a Cancer. Very much the insular dreamer. While really a romantic notion (loner with a tragic past etc.) not so well in managing the day to day-ness of life. Great as friends though and a good balance to me.
Ex husband and father of my son is a Sagitarius. Intellectually a very good match and a great friend. Emotionally vulnerable and intending to be supportive, but not really sure how to be.
Alas, not dating anyone. :(
There's this single Leo guy that I'm interested in, but it seems like I like guys who I don't think I have a chance to be with. Does that ring a bell? Plus, now I'm starting to doubt my feelings toward him because there's a part of me that feels like I'm wasting my time. It all comes down to the fact that I've never really been lucky in love or that it's just not the right time.
Totally. I love the challenge of getting them. I like the game more than I like the prize, unless I really like the guy or grow to like him. :)
I've dated too many Leos, and I think I have learned my lesson.

I have dated a Taurus, and an Aries, and neither of them worked out.

Instead, I found the love of my life to be a Pices, which works nicely with my moon in Pices. It's delish. I highly recommend Capricorn and Pices, but of course, it depends on their other signs, especially moon and rising sign.

"I've dated too many Leos, and I think I have learned my lesson."

What lessons have you learned? Do tell ;-)

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are u speaking from experience or just guessing?

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lol, i see...what do you mean by psychotic, specifically?
i'm dating a gemini :P supposedly the least compatible sign.
cmon lets here it for the virgos! my partner and i are the third generation of female caps and male virgos in my family.
I have a really bad habit of ending up with Cancers. It always ends up being fucked in the end unfortunately. Every single person I've had a LTR with has been a Cancer.. Careful.