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Hi, all. My name is Sarah; I am seventeen and a junior. My birthday is January 13 (that's right, same birthday as Orlando Bloom ~ though he doesn't quite seem so much the Cappie type!) and I am the most stereotypically Capricorn-ish person I know....sigh. Case in point: my friend once showed me a book she had that talked about the various characteristics and such of a person born on each day of the year, and, well, I simply had to be a dork and copy down the pages about my birthday, because every word was completely accurate.

January 13

Strengths: goal-oriented, proud, autonomous
Weaknesses: driven, fearful, isolated

The Day of Upward Mobility
Those born on January 13 are very much concerned with enhancing their security though improved status. Most struggle upwards their whole life to achieve a position of preeminence, power, security and authority. Having bettered their lot, rarely if ever will they allow themselves to slip back into a lower social cateory. Being well-off, very well-off, comfortable or simply secure are the only possibilities as far as these determined individuals are concerned.
The theme of upward mobility may be a kind of philosophical outlook for this day. January 13 people are devoted to human self-improvement in a larger, more profound sense, and seek to educate, enlighten and intellectually broaden their family and friends, as well as themselves.
January 13 people can carry a great deal of insecurity with them; as they constantly seek to better themselves, they may not be comfortable where they are at any given time; they may insist on their correctness in all things to assure themselves. It is not so much that they consider themselves perfect, but that admitting poor judgment, errors or lack of knowledge could begin them on a downward spiral, which they will not allow. Proud above all else, January 13 people hate putting themselves in an inferior position relative to anyone they know; this may amount to a mania at times.
For all of the above reasons, January 13 people run the risk of being unrealistic as regards their true abilities and successes. They may increasingly rely on their own judgment to the exclusion of outside input. Naturally, this attitude isolates them.
On the other hand, when January 13 people gladly let others in to share their world, they can be "the life of the party," so to speak. Though highly opinionated and sometimes stubborn, those born on this day are never boring.
January 13 people should strive to keep their kindness and generosity alive, particularly since their ability to both give and take freely is an important indicator of their mental well being. Nonconditional giving as well as being able to accept gifts from others without feeling threatened are important goals for them to strive for. Above all, those born on January 13 must never forget their roots and deeply human origins.

Numbers & Planets
Those born on the 13th of the month are ruled by the number 4, and by the planet Uranus which is both erratic and explosive. For January 13 people, the combined influence of Uranus and Saturn (ruler of Capricorn) can indicate secretiveness, guardedness and perhaps a violent temper. January 13 people may become overly authoritarian in laying down their own rules once they themselves occupy a position of power. Although the number 13 is considered unlucky by many people it is, rather, a powerful number which does carry the responsibility of using its power wisely or inviting self-destruction.

The most misunderstood card in the Tarot is the 13th card of the Major Arcana, Death, which very rarely is to be taken literally but generally signifies a letting go of the past in order to grow beyond limitations, metaphorically. Both this card and the number 4 suggest that January 13 people must guard against discouragement, disillusion, pessimism and melancholy.

Absolute security is an illusion. Seek to continue growing and learning. Continue taking chances and don't get locked in. Beware of suspicious tendencies.

"To the crazy person, the normal one is insane."

Not to mention I am dating a Taurus, the sign that is supposed to be perfect for Cappies in every sense. Now, I am not a firm believer in astrology, but I do think it is interesting and fun to explore ~ especially when it always turns out to be so accurate for me. Anyway, being a Cap sort of, well, sucks at times. Unless I am wrong, we are rather susceptible to depression and seriousness and perfectionism and the like. And I don't know about you all, but I detest being a pessimist....damn you, Saturn (the planet, not the sailor, though I am not an anime fan). Haha. But nevertheless, there is something undeniably sexy about a....goat with a fish tail? Well, at least we are unique.

Cheers, fellow goatfish.
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