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What is the good/bad side on being a Capricorn?

Thought I would try and re-invigorate the forum here. So, thats the question, What have you noticed of yourself which traits made you look cool, what traits make you look like a fool.

For me, well, let's start with the good stuff first.

I like the doggedness, at times when I stick to something and see it to the end, especiallywhen other people have given up and I continued and passed them.

I also think I am very loyal to my close friends, even if I have to draw a line in the sand and I end up pissing some people off because I semi-blindly support my friends.

Also not sure if its just specific particular to my exact chart, Neptune Conjunct Ascendant, or caps in general, but I am usually very generous, even if I sometimes realize my efforts will not we praised. I guess its all about the few times I can see gratitude in the person's eyes that makes it worth while.

At times my analytical mind has helped me see through a lot of problems and I have given some good advice to help or encourage people. I am still not exactly sure how much I've helped them, but most of the time it seems like it has some positive effect on people.

Now the not so great parts,

I am so stubborn, especially when it comes to anything that involves myself or changing myself.

I think I sort of realized that I may be a perfectionist finally, although not in the usual sense. Its just when I can't things exactly my way, I lose interest in a project and I do the absolute minimum that requires my attention to it. It is not longer my project I believe in, but some menial task I dislike.

For me, the biggest trait which has been the hardest to deal with is, depression, fatalistic attitude and how I drive myself to extremes. I have trouble dealing with disappointment or personal failure in relationships or at the moment getting paid and maintaining my independence from my relatives. I'm constantly fearing that I will fuck something up and people will stop talking to me or want to.
Actually the freaky thing is, I saw in my astrological forecast, when I plugged my info to this website associated with this forum said, was it will be a period of reckoning all the aspects of myself I refused to accept, that and I may need to seek professional help. Yep it actually said that.

And my analytical mind, at times it does not let me rest and stays running all day and night long. I am thinking about either everything around me and what it means or I am replaying events in the past few days that are either positive or negative and I try and figure out people's true motives and feelings.

Alright, let's see some replies!
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